Since June 1990, I have been a member of Hospital Radio Basingstoke which broadcasts to the patients and staff at North Hampshire Hospital. For much of that time, I have been Programme Controller, and I have also served as Treasurer and Station Manager.
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The Sound of Sunday is my regular weekly show on HRB. The show started on 24 March 1991.

The dedicated web site for the show is at 


Kestrel FM was Basingstoke's commercial station from 1998 until 2012.

The station has its roots with Hospital Radio Basingstoke, being formed following 4 short term stations run by HRB in the early 90s. I presented and produced shows for all four short term stations, and for 6 months helped produce the sports programme on the full time station. In August 2004, I helped produce an outside broadcast for Kestrel FM. Whilst the presenter Mike Harrison was broadcasting live from Festival Square in Basingstoke, I was in the studio operating the desk and playing in the music. 


I was a member of Wey Valley Community Radio Association from November 1999 until its demise at the end of 2002. WVCRA was a voluntary organisation which produced community programmes for Delta FM 102, which at the time was based in Alton in North East Hampshire.  Delta FM later became part of Kestrel FM in Basingstoke and then became The Breeze.

I produced two editions of Talkabout every month – Talkabout The Environment and Talkabout Debate.

Talkabout The Environment was named “Best Talk Programme” on Delta FM in 2001 and I won the award for “Best Studio Manager” in the same year.

I have also done the occasional show myself on Delta FM including a Country and Western show. I also once stood in for an absent Talkabout presenter at 20 seconds notice.

Delta FM's owners at the time, Tindle Radio, decided to merge the station with nearby Kestrel FM in Basingstoke in 2010.   To start with there was split programming to the two areas but that eventualy stopped and all shows covered both areas before both stations became part of The Breeze network.  What was the Alton station now broadcasts from Southampton.



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